Chat Log Cleaner

This Chat Log Cleaner is a free Windows desktop tool designed to help Wildstar Online roleplayers easily share their stories just as they played out in-game, minus the extraneous system messages and zone chatter.

Get the Chat Log Cleaner here: Download from Dropbox. It’s ready to run as soon as it’s unzipped. Double-click on WStarChatCleaner.exe to run it.

Check out the project’s official thread on the Wildstar Roleplay forum.

Roleplayers often like to remember their role-played scenes and share them with other community members by showing their chat logs. But in Wildstar Online chat logs, every few lines of relevant conversation is accompanied by dozens of lines of extraneous natter from other channels. It looks something like this:


Sample raw chat log snippet. Try to spot the two roleplay lines.

A chat log of significant length can take hours of tedium to trim by hand. With the Chat Log Cleaner, you can prepare crystal-clear output in roughly a minute.


Chat Log Cleaner, with the sample chat log snippet loaded in

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Load in a raw chat log by clicking the Browse… button in the top right corner and finding the log file you want to prepare.
  2. On the left, check the boxes of the channels you want to include in the output. By default, a few channels that are commonly relevant to role play will already be checked.
  3. On the right, review the list of included people. This auto-populates with only the people who have spoken in your selected chat channels, so all you’ll need to do is remove the names of anyone whose messages shouldn’t be included in the output. Optionally, you can append an equal sign “=” and a nickname to change the names shown for some chat participants.
  4. Select an output format: Basic HTML, color-coded Stylish HTML, or plain Text.
  5. Save your output file. You can save to the default file name by clicking Save Clean, or find a different path for your file using “Browse…” on the bottom right.
  6. Click the Open Output File button at the bottom to see the resulting easy-to-read output.

Chat Log Cleaner’s HTML output for the sample snippet

Get the Chat Log Cleaner here: Download from Dropbox

Check out the project’s official thread on the Wildstar Roleplay forum.