My Projects

Educational Projects

  • 10e, a bilingual library for children and their parents, now under construction by a team of dad- and mom-preneurs. I’ve been working mostly on the back end: data model, bilingual support, etc.
  • SVOP: Spanish Vocabulary Online Profiler, a PHP/MySQL project from years ago. Enter Spanish text for a color-coded breakdown of how common or rare each word in the text is. This can serve as a guide for where to focus vocabulary teaching efforts. SVOP is a collaboration between Maria Sanchez-Tenney and me: her research supplied the word frequencies and categories, and I built the Web app.
  • StudySuite, a desktop tool for self-directed study. Create courses with StudyBuilder. Test yourself and track your subject mastery with StudyBuddy. This project is currently in alpha.

Gaming Projects

  • Chat Log Cleaner for Wildstar Online. This Windows desktop tool helps roleplayers easily share their stories just as they played out in-game, minus the extraneous system messages and zone chatter. Simply find a raw chat log, select the relevant channels and participating players, and save the output as crystal-clear text or HTML. Karaaga Longtail was the publicist and scope adviser for this project; I designed and implemented the program under the pseudonym Brisa Bluesprout.
  • Lost Legends, a retro role-playing video game built on the BYOND hobbyist online gaming platform. This is a collaboration from many years ago with game designers Tyruswoo and Shadrack, and composer Wayward Garden. I contributed teleport and trade features, some pixel art, and roughly half the soundtrack.

Creative Projects

  • Swatch Square is a simple interactive art piece. Click a square to invert its color. New random colors on each reload.