I’m on Github!

All the cool kids are using github.com to host their public projects and show off their Web apps. I’m finally joining the cool kids.

Yesterday I built Swatch Square, a simple interactive art piece. Colors are randomly generated on each page load. Click a swatch to invert its color. While the project isn’t impressive from a technical standpoint, I find the results strangely mesmerizing. Try it out here.


One of about a zillion possible Swatch Square outputs

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Mankind has Built Hands

Mankind has built hands
Of silicon and copper
Of myriad ones and zeroes
That reach across the world.

Hands serve and entertain us.
They beckon to temptation,
Applaud, or point in scorn.

Hands clasp in trust and friendship,
Build and hone tools together,
And even mend a patient’s life.

As we reach across the world,
Do we lift our fellows up?
They still count on our hearts of flesh
To show compassion
With these hands mankind has built.

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