Morning Glory Avi Coloring Party

It’s Avi Kaplan’s birthday! For the occasion, I’ve drawn “Morning Glory Avi”, a public coloring page you can print and color, or color digitally. Links below.

Morning Glory Avi digital coloring page

Download PDF for printing  |  Download PNG for digital coloring

For those who like coloring from references, here are the photos I used to draw Avi for this one. The first is from his Twitter account, and the second is cropped from his “I’ll Get By” music video.

If you color it, I’d love to see! You can tag me (@McKathlin) on Twitter or Instagram when you share your coloring.


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Kirstin coloring page

It’s Kirstin Maldonado’s birthday! For the occasion, I’m throwing it back to this public coloring page I inked in December 2017. It now has a cleaned-up PNG for easy digital coloring.

This one was featured in the PTX Fan Art Coloring Book printed in 2018. As of this writing, I still have spare copies I’ll happily send at the cost of shipping; please message me (@McKathlin on Twitter) if you’d like a copy or few.

Happy coloring! And happy birthday, Kirstin!

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Hummingbird coloring page

I made this hummingbird coloring page for my daughter, then decided to clean it up to share with the public. Everyone is welcome to color it.

Below the image are links to the coloring page as a PDF for easy printing, and as a PNG for easy digital coloring.

Happy coloring!

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I’m on Github!

All the cool kids are using to host their public projects and show off their Web apps. I’m finally joining the cool kids.

Yesterday I built Swatch Square, a simple interactive art piece. Colors are randomly generated on each page load. Click a swatch to invert its color. While the project isn’t impressive from a technical standpoint, I find the results strangely mesmerizing. Try it out here.


One of about a zillion possible Swatch Square outputs

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Mankind has Built Hands

Mankind has built hands
Of silicon and copper
Of myriad ones and zeroes
That reach across the world.

Hands serve and entertain us.
They beckon to temptation,
Applaud, or point in scorn.

Hands clasp in trust and friendship,
Build and hone tools together,
And even mend a patient’s life.

As we reach across the world,
Do we lift our fellows up?
They still count on our hearts of flesh
To show compassion
With these hands mankind has built.

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